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Pitmen Challenge 2025

One of the great dreams of mankind has always been to fly, and through the skies, to unfold the world. The persistence and passion for aviation coupled with the courage and entrepreneurship of the aviation pioneers not only made this dream possible - they also transformed the world, changing the direction of wars, negotiations and society as a whole, by transforming what before it was impossible in anything common these days.


Pittmann, as the pioneers of aviation, has in its DNA the courage to embark on a competitive and polarized market relying on the skills of its professionals and its unique business model that is based on a high moral standard.


We have professionals who demonstrate energy and enthusiasm to travel distances in the heights, in a business world that is constantly renewed, with a mentality adherent to our ideal: New times. New ways.


We have the mission and the vocation to find innovative, legally viable and sustainable solutions for our clients, combining career practices with modern and disruptive routines that aim to follow the rapid changes that are occurring in society.

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